What is the Weatherization Program?

    The DAEOC Community Action Agency Weatherization Program provides and installs needed energy-saving materials to client's homes in order to save energy and reduce fuel costs.
    Weatherization auditors go to each house to gather information concerning conditions of the house. This information is entered into a computer. The computer will then determine the measures needed to weatherize the house.
    Some of the materials used are:  weather-stripping; wall, attic, and floor insulation; caulking; door sweeps; vents; doors and windows.
    With the use of advanced technology, the Weatherization Program is able to do a much more efficient job of weatherizing the entire house.  With the use of the blower door, we can determine the location of air leaks and measure airflow.
    Furnace testing equipment helps the auditor determine the condition of the heating system to see if the unit is emitting carbon monoxide. The auditor also checks to see if the system is operating properly and efficiently. If the heating system needs to be tuned, repaired or replaced, a qualified contractor is contacted to make the appropriate adjustments.
    Replacement systems will be limited to gas units and given only to those clients who own and are living in the house being weatherized.
    Services are provided regardless of race, age, color, gender, national origin, religion, disability or political beliefs.
    Applications for Weatherization will be accepted upon meeting the following criteria:
    1.  Applicants must meet the income eligibility guidelines
        (150 % of the current poverty guidelines)
    2.  Households containing a member that receives Supplemental
         Security Income (SSI) and/or Temporary Assistance (TA)
         are qualified regardless of income.
    3.  In addition to the above, priority is given to applications for
         households who are elderly, handicapped, or who have
         children age 5 and under, until all grant funds are obligated.
         Applications shall be selected in chronological order (i.e.
         the oldest application will be the first).
    4.  Home must be occupied.
    5.  Applicants must be the homeowner or may be a renter of a
         dwelling that is privately owned and able to provide a
         renter/landlord Weatherization agreement.
    Weatherization applications are taken at the DAEOC Community Action Agency County Outreach Offices, and then forwarded to the Weatherization office in Portageville, Missouri for processing and acceptance.
    For additional information on this program, contact your local county outreach office or call:


Weatherization Contract Specialist
Energy Conservation Programs
(573) 379-3851, Ext. 244