Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance
Operates from October to March. Eligibility requirements for EA are based on income, family size, available resources and responsibility for payment of home heating cost. EA is a time-limited program and households must apply within the specified application period in order to be considered for assistance with their primary home heating costs. Clients who were approved for EA in the prior year will automatically receive a new application in the mail for the current year.

Energy Crisis Intervention Program
Designed to assist households experiencing a crisis situation. These households are either in danger of having their service disconnected and do not have the resources available to prevent this action or have been disconnected and do not have the resources to restore service. ECIP has two separate programs: Winter Heating covers October through May and Summer cooling covers June through September


DAEOC Locations

Contact DAEOC Energy Assistance:

DAEOC Central Office
99 Skyview Road
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: 573-379-3851
Toll-Free: 800-748-8320
Fax: 573-379-5935