DAEOC Weatherization Department


99 Skyview Road
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: 573-379-3851

The Weatherization program provides cost-effective energy-efficient home improvements to Missouri's low income households, especially the elderly, children, those with physical disadvantages, and others hit hardest by high utility costs. The program aims to lower utility bills and improve comfort while ensuring health and safety. Today, weatherization is the nation's largest residential energy efficiency program.
The program uses an energy audit procedure to establish cost-effective weatherization measures. The audit is used to calculate reductions in energy usage and takes into account factors such as changes in the thermal and heat transfer characteristics of a dwelling, appropriate weather data, and economic factors such as fuel and installation costs. Energy auditors gather information and perform diagnostic tests on each home, including blower door tests and infrared thermography. These tests help detect and locate air leaks and other weaknesses in the building envelope, providing opportunities to perform more cost-effective work. Heating systems are also tested for efficiency and safety, and repairs are made accordingly.

Energy-efficient measures may include:
• Reducing air infiltration.
• Increasing insulation in walls, attics, and floor foundations.
• HVAC repair or replacement.
• Refrigerator and CFL replacement.

To qualify for the Weatherization program, applicants must have a yearly household income below 200% of the Area Median Income and submit copies of all required documentation such as proof of income, proof of ownership, social security cards for household members and utility bills.
Rental properties do qualify for Weatherization as long as the home is occupied by a qualified applicant and the landlord agrees to pay 5% of the estimated cost to weatherize the home.